Software Engineering

Apr '21 - Jan '23

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineer

Engineering at Applied Intuition.

Jun '20 - Aug '20

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineering Intern

I spent summer 2020 on the simulation team at Nuro, a startup building autonomous delivery vehicles. I built a caching mechanism and a timeout feature for a distributed job scheduling framework.

Jun '19 - Aug '19


Software Engineering Intern

I spent the summer of 2019 interning at Zilliqa, a startup focused on applying sharding to build scalable blockchains. I worked on more efficient communication between the core Blockchain process and the Smart Contract interpreter, and my work led to a reduction in communication overheads from linear to constant. I also built a dApp as part of a marketing campaign.

May '18 - July '18

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineering Intern

I spent summer 2018 at the Apple HQ working on Machine Learning Infrastructure for Siri. I built a search indexing system to efficiently query Siri's ontology, and was selected to present my project to the head of Siri (Apple VP).

Feb '18 - Apr '18

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineering Intern

I took a semester off from school to do a second internship at Twitter. I worked on Applied Machine Learning for the Twitter Home Timeline. I used Deep Neural Networks to build predictive models for user engagement on videos. I launched many iterations of experiments to evaluate the performance of the models on production traffic.

May '17 - Aug '17

San Francisco Bay Area

Software Engineering Intern

I spent the summer of 2017 at the Twitter HQ in San Francisco working on Twitter Lite as part of the Responsive Web Team. I worked in React, Redux, and ES6. I built Twitter Lite's Live Video experience, and worked on integrating the Chrome credentials management API. All my code was shipped, and used by over 6 million users daily.

May '16 - July '16


Software Engineering Intern

I spent the summer of 2016 working as a Full Stack Web Developer at Xfers, a startup from the YCombinator Summer batch of 2015 looking to simplify the Payments process in Southeast Asia. I helped build an onboarding system used daily by customers and also built an internal analytics dashboard.


Sep '20 - March '21

I worked in the Stanford Compiler Group with Professor Fredrik Kjolstad, on TACO. I specifically worked on better support for blocking and workspaces.

Sep '19 - June '20

I worked with 2 other students and Professor John Mitchell to analyse Proof of Work protocols using Statistical Model Checking Tools. We published our work at the IEEE Blockchain-2020 Conference. You can read the paper here.

Aug '18 - Apr '19

I worked on mitigating the effect of adversarial client nodes in Federated Learning as part of my Final Year Dissertation during my undergraduate studies. I was supervised by Professor Bryan Low.

Jan '17 - Aug '17

I explored the use of Bayesian Optimisation and Automatic Differentiation for tuning the hyperparameters of Machine Learning algorithms, as a part of NUS' Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). I played around with PyTorch and learnt a lot about Statistics and Machine Learning. I was supervised by Professor Bryan Low.


Sep '21 - Dec '21

Adjunct Lecturer

Created Stanford's and (to our knowledge) the world's first class on Transformers. Taught the first iteration of the class in Fall 2021.

Sep '19 - March '21

Graduate Teaching Assistant

I was a teaching assistant for Operating Systems, under Professor David Mazières. Before that I was a TA for Deep Learning for 4 quarters, under Kian Katanforoosh and Professor Andrew Ng. My responsibilities include holding office hours, grading assignments, and conducting sections

Aug '16 - May '19

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

During my undergraduate studies, I was a teaching assistant for Data Structures and Algorithms and Programming Methodology. My responsibilities included conducting Discussion Groups, grading assignments, and holding consultation sessions for students.